Health & Safety at Exhibition Events

All event organisers, no matter what trade show you will be attending require all exhibitors, exhibition stand designers and contractors to submit the necessary and correct  Health and Safety documentation, before being allowed on-site to commence the build-up or dismantle of the exhibition booth.

Health & Safety Documentation Required

The following Health & Safety documents and certificates will be required:

Health & Safety Risk Assessment  (RA)

A Risk Assessment is a written document that outlines all of the main risks, associated with the exhibition on-site installation and dismantle of all exhibition display equipment. This document communicates that your exhibition contractor understands all of the risks that will be present on-site and details the steps taken to minimize these risks to ensure that the build site, exhibition installation staff and contractors and member of the general public will be kept as safe as possible throughout the construction and dismantling stages of the project.

Health & Safety Method Statement (MS)

A Method Statement is a written document that outlines and describes the various constructional stages of the design and build of the exhibition booth. It describes the materials and finishes of the exhibition stand and also details how the exhibition display equipment will be transported and fixed together on-site. It describes what products will be on display and how these will be supported, along with any associated display loads.

Heath & Safety Construction Phase Plan (CPP)

A Construction Phase Plan is a document that outlines the general Health & Safety arrangements and site rules for anybody working on the construction phase of the exhibition build stages. It outlines who the site manager is and their contact details, the stand number and client contact information. Usually the Risk assessment and method statements will be attached or referred to, in this document. This document is now a legal requirement, under the Construction Design & Management (CDM) regulations 2015 for all exhibition stand builds.

Evidence of Public Liability Insurance

The event organisers will require confirmation that all main stand installation exhibition contractors have the necessary Public Liability insurances in place for erecting and dismantling exhibition stands at the event venue. Normally this is a minimum of £2000 000, but can be anything up to £5 000 000, subject to the event organisers criteria. Before arriving on-site to be able to commence the build and installation of the exhibition booth, all exhibition contractors must have certificated proof that this insurance is in place by the exhibitions company working on the project.