Exhibition Logistics for your Exhibition Events

Trains, Planes & Automobiles!

Planning Exhibition stands for your Trade show season can be a stressful event. We can help you arrange all of the exhibition logistics for the event for you. At Jellybean Creative, we not only design exhibition stands, manufacture exhibition stands, but we also a complete exhibition project management service. In this part of the exhibition service – we can help in the transportation of your exhibition stand equipment and furniture to and from the trade show or conference venue. We have great experience in ensuring safe arrival of display equipment for trade show events. We use a variety of transportation methods dependant on the project and location. We appreciate exhibition marketing budgets are always restrictive. Therefore, we will always ensure that the most economical methods are used in the exhibition stand transportation of your exhibition display equipment before and after the event. We always try to remain competitive as an exhibitions company, throughout the project and offer our customers and clients the best ‘Value for Money’ exhibition logistics service.

We can arrange the transportation of exhibition stands throughout the UK and across Europe. We can also attend to events further afield using our network of exhibition sub-contract companies. Therefore, we can offer a Global Exhibition Stand installation Service – if this is your exhibition project requirement.