Exhibition Booth Storage Solutions

Following your exhibition show or conference, we can arrange to dismantle your trade show booth, wrap and pack it and put it into safe storage for you – ready to be used for your next conference or trade show event. We offer economical exhibition storage rates for all of your exhibition display equipment.
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Exhibition stand storage of tradeshow display equipment

Cost effective long term exhibition stand storage of Modular Exhibition Stands & Bespoke Exhibition Booth Furniture


Storage of Modular Exhibition Stands

You may already have your own Modular exhibition stand equipment that you have purchased from another exhibition stand contractor. Maybe you are changing your exhibition stand supplier and want somewhere you can store your exhibition display furniture either for a short term or long term storage period. That is not a problem. We can arrange to collect your exhibition equipment and transport it to our exhibition stand storage facility. We will be happy to quote on storing your exhibition furniture. We provide safe and secure exhibition stand storage. We are also happy to provide an exhibition installation and dismantle service of your stored exhibition display equipment. Contact us via email to allow us to provide a complete No obligation quote.

Storage of Bespoke Exhibition Stands

You may require an exhibition storage solution for larger bespoke exhibition stands. Sometimes this type of exhibition stand equipment can come in many different shapes and sizes. That is not a problem as we are highly experienced at handling this type of exhibition furniture. We provide a complete exhibition stand storage solution for all of your bespoke or custom exhibition stands. We can arrange to collect your exhibition display equipment, either from your current exhibition stand contractors or from your existing storage location. We can quote for wrapping and packing, loading and unloading and exhibition stand transportation of your exhibition furniture to our exhibition stand storage premises. For quotation purposes we normally charge by the amount of cubic volume. We would therefore have to ascertain the quantity of cubic volume required to store your exhibition equipment. We also offer a complete exhibition stand refurbishment and installation/dismantle service. Please contact us for more details.

Storage of Pop-up Exhibition Stands

You may attend many smaller exhibition trade show events. You may have many different types of Pop-up exhibition display stands in stock. These can also come in different shapes and sizes from wheeled transport cases through to fabric carry bags and mobile flight cases. You may also have boxes of product literature which needs storing between events. Jellybean Creative can provide the perfect exhibition storage solution for all of your Pop-up exhibition display furniture. We can also provide replacement graphics, additional printed exhibition marketing materials, branded promotional items for tradeshow events and conferences. Why not contact us today to discuss your future exhibition storage requirement. We also offer a complete exhibition installation/dismantle service, exhibition stand transportation in the UK, Europe and for use at Global events. We will be happy to quote on your exhibition project. Please contact us through the contact form.

Storage of Exhibition Graphic Banner Stands

Exhibition Graphic Banner stands are an ideal and compact way to exhibit at smaller exhibition conferences and events. The problem with this type of compact modular exhibition stand equipment is keeping up to date with the current printed graphic banners. At Jellybean Creative we can offer both an exhibition storage solution of your graphic banner displays – and also an exhibition graphic design and print service. This allows you complete piece of mind that the correct banner can be supplied and fitted at the last minute – if required. Please contact us for a quote to store your graphic banner exhibition stands for your future exhibition programme.

Storage of Exhibition Graphics

Exhibition graphics panels and printed graphic tension fabrics can be stored with us, along with your other exhibition furniture items. Our exhibition warehouse operatives will ensure your stored exhibition graphics will be suitably wrapped and packed to ensure that no exhibition graphic stock, gets damaged whilst in storage with us. We will also ensure that the exhibition graphics panels will be suitably indexed and categorized, so that these can be accessed quickly and efficiently when required on-site for installation at your exhibition marketing event. Please contact us for more information relating to quoting on your storage of exhibition graphic panel stock.

Storage of Exhibition Display Truss

Exhibition display truss and aluminium truss comes in a wide variety of sizes and profiles. This can be bulky to store at your own office location. Therefore, why not contact us for a quotation on storing your aluminium exhibition truss for you? We would be happy to quote on collecting, transporting and safely storing your stock of aluminium exhibition truss for you. We can also provide an installation and dismantle service of your aluminium exhibition truss. This service ensures your exhibition stand is assembled correctly, with a fast and cost effective to organising your roll out of exhibition marketing programme of event. Contact us about this exhibition service, to discuss your exact requirements.

Storage of Modular Exhibition Flooring

Modular exhibition flooring units can be a cost effective way of saving you money at exhibition events. Raised platform floors are essential in allowing electrical and network cables to be routed around your exhibition stand, without the use of overhead gantry or walling to conceal the cable supplies. However, the modular flooring units can be big and bulky to store at your offices. Therefore why not contact us to discuss storing these exhibition items for you. We will happily quote your exhibition storage of modular flooring stock. We can also supply a refurbishment service to repair and replace defective flooring panels. Please contact us via the ‘contact’ section of our website to discuss your exact requirements.

Storage of Exhibition Furniture 

Hospitality furniture for your exhibition stand can be expensive to hire for each event. Therefore, if you are proposing to attend multiple events within the annual exhibition season – it can work out more economical to purchase these items outright and store them for use at your next event. Tables, meeting chairs, bar stools, reception counters, sofas, board room tables, AV kiosks, etc, – can all be acomodated at our exhibition storage facility. Our exhibition warehouse operatives will ensure these items are suitably wrapped and packed, ready for use at your next exhibition event. Please contact us via the contact page of the website to discuss your exhibition storage requirements. Your number one tradeshow stand supplier.