Exhibition Stand Manufacture – Custom Stand Production

Jellybean Creative Exhibition Stands offer a complete Exhibition Stand Manufacturers service. Exhibition stand manufacture is carried out by our expert and qualified staff. These will transform your exhibition stand designs into a reality. We can take your exhibition stand specification plans and elevational drawings and by the use of expert and professional exhibition stand manufacture – turn these into a reality. We will develop your exhibition stand designs using the best production practices into working promotional event & display solutions.


Mews Systems Exhibition Stand Installation for ITB Travel Trade Show Berlin Germany

Mews Systems exhibition stand installation for ITB travel show Berlin Germany


Using the latest manufacturing & production machinery we can produce exhibition display stands in whatever materials you require – whether this is Wood, Metal or Plastic. If you need any other specific finished materials for your Exhibition Booth Design – discuss this with us and we can work out the best method of developing the Exhibition Stand Design to achieve your final requirements.

Exhibition Stand Manufacturing Services include the following:

Exhibition Joinery & Carpentry – Exhibition Stand Manufacture

Jellybean Creative provides a complete Exhibition Joinery & Carpentry service. Exhibition stand manufacture by the use of timber in exhibition stands. This is very popular construction method – as it is a light weight and inexpensive way of constructing complex shapes for use in exhibition stands. Our exhibition joinery & carpentry team are highly experienced in achieving complex exhibition stand designs through the use of a combination of plywood, MDF and softwood. Exhibition stands are temporary structures, which need to be delivered to site and assembled and installed at the tradeshow event very quickly. They need to be safe and strong for the duration of the show. However they do not need to be constructed at the same exacting standards as a permanent structure. The exhibition booth may only ever be used once for that particular show. The Exhibition Stand Builders will need to assemble the stand in a relatively short period of time and be able to transport all display items to the build site easily.  Therefore a trade-off between cost, quality and ease of transportation needs to be balanced. Our exhibition joiners & carpenters therefore use light weight and strong materials like 4mm plywood attached to a ‘crated’ light weight softwood structure. This gives the appearance of big solid shapes – when assembled together, but which are lightweight and easily manageable when working on the build site. They are also economical to construct and environmentally sustainable.

As a Health & Safety consideration for the Spread of Flame and Fire retardancy, our exhibition joiners & carpentry teams always follow the manufacture and construction guidelines supplied by the event organisers.

MDF Machining & MDF CNC Shape Cutting

Complex shapes and profiles can be cut from MDF using Computer Numerical Cutting (CNC) machines. These use either a high spinning router cutting head or a laser beam controlled by a computer software program to make the cut. This ensures pin point accuracy when manufacturing and constructing the individual production components of the exhibition display furniture. Subject to the items required Jellybean Creative use these machines in the manufacture and construction of their exhibition stands. This is because the CNC machines a safe, accurate and an efficient method of manufacture and production of the exhibition stand components. Just like a pastry cutter cuts the sheet of pastry, the CNC machine does a similar thing. By ensuring that components and shapes to be cut are nested together in a tight formation – gives maximum use of the MDF sheet – with minimal wasteage.

Laminating Panels & Edge Banding

Subject to the exhibition stand budget laminated finishes can be used in the manufacture of the exhibition stand furniture. Jellybean Creative use Melamine faced MDF boards in the construction and manufacture of exhibition furniture to be used on the booth. Final surfaces can then be laminated with a thin finished laminate panel bonded to the surface with an adhesive glue. The edges of this laminated sheet are then routed and cut flush to give a professional finish. Edges of MDF can also be finished using a corresponding laminate tape or solid plastic edging strip. This is applied using a hot melt glue and trimmed flush to the top and bottom surfaces with high speed spinning cutters. Exhibition booths constructed in this way are normally of a very high production specification. Clients in the medical & pharmaceutical industries will normally require this level of finish to their Bespoke Exhibition Stands.


Custom exhibition stand design Kepco NR

Custom exhibition stand design & exhibition stand contractors for Kepco NR London UK

Manufacture of modular vinyl wrapped or painted exhibition panels

Exhibition stands are generally constructed by fixing specific height flat or curved modular walls together. These individual wall components are normally constructed from a 4mm plywood facing panel fixed to a crated softwood sub-structure. This modular exhibition wall panel can then be either emulsion paint finished or stretch wrapped in a PVC vinyl material. This gives a clean, flat finish to the modular exhibition wall panel. When these modular wall panels are fixed together, a large flat exhibition wall can be constructed. These large walls are normally strapped together with a long painted timber batten to the base of the exhibition wall and top of the wall. This allows all individual modular exhibition wall panels to be securely held together. This method of exhibition booth construction allows all walling components to be efficiently stacked together on pallets for transportation and easily assembled on-site at the event arena.

Manufacture of exhibition curved walls

Curved exhibition walls can be manufactured in a similar method to that described above. Subject to the type of exhibition stand being prepared – if it is going to be used only once or re-used for multiple events. This will determine how the curved modular wall elements are manufactured. If the exhibition booth is going to be used more than once – curved modular metalwork frames can be constructed, as opposed to timber. This allows large curved walls to be quickly assembled on-site at the conference facility by the Exhibition Stand Contractor. These can then be either covered with printed tension fabric graphics covers or printed Foamex panels. This gives a seamless finish to the wall and a professional finish to the exhibition booth.


Exhibition stand Bunzl Greenhams

Exhibition stand for Bunzl Greenhams for the Safety Heath exhibition tradeshow.


Construction of suspended canopies & exhibition booth feature areas

Valuable customer attention at exhibition events can be gained by having suspended canopies on your exhibition stand. Exhibition stand manufacture of these display items is carried out at Jellybean Creative. We can construct these exhibition display elements from either aluminium truss metalwork or lightweight aluminium extrusions, which fix together as a series of modular exhibition stand components. These can then be covered with printed exhibition fabric graphics. By installing suspended exhibition canopies above the exhibition booth, this can bring much attention to your graphic brands and messages, as these are presented high up above all of the exhibition stand furniture. These suspended exhibition canopies and exhibition booth feature areas are normally attached to the conference facilities roof structure. The fixings and connection points are made by the event organisers rigging department. Suspended exhibition booth feature areas can also be constructed and include feature spot lighting and animated projector ‘Gobo’ lighting heads. These can fire an animated version of your company logo or product brands around the exhibition booth floor and gangways of the trade fair. By considering and using suspended canopies and other exhibition booth features around the exhibition stand,  you will generate attention and interest in your brands and products – at your trade fair event.


AV engagement exhibition stand for Thomson Reuters at Accountex Trade show

Thomson Reuters Exhibition stand installation at the Accountex Show with interactive AV presentation area

Other Exhibition stand manufacturing processes can also be carried out at Jellybean Creative:

  • Construction of light box’s & AV enclosures
  • Manufacture of Customer Reception Counters & Hospitality Bar areas
  • Manufacturing and construction of customised flooring panels
  • Manufacture of Modular raised platform floors for exhibition stands
  • Construction & assembly of structural metalwork for Mezzanine floors
  • Manufacture & development of Interactive exhibition displays


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