Exhibition Design, Designers – A Key Factor



The Art of the Exhibition Designer

Exhibition Design is a key requirement in organizing your next exhibition trade show event. Yes you can purchase off the shelf exhibition furniture – but will this engage your customers at your exhibition event? Exhibition design is the art of the exhibition booth designer. An exhibition stand designer delivers your marketing requirements for your next trade show stand. They then implement your exhibition project requirements into an exhibition design that is both highly impactful, yet fits in with your budgetary requirements.

Exhibition Design – A Balancing Act

Exhibition design is therefore not something you should take lightly. Getting the correct booth design is key to a successful trade show event. If your exhibition stand design looks drab and uninviting, your customers will walk on by and visit your competitor’s exhibition booth. Great exhibition design is therefore a balancing act of many things. We aim to discuss these below:

Custom exhibition stands Atlas Copco UK

Custom exhibition stands Atlas Copco UK

Exhibition Design with Wow Factor

Get Noticed at the Trade Show with High Impact Booth Design

Exhibition design with a Wow factor is essential at getting your brands and products noticed. Trade fairs are very busy places with trade show displays, brands and products competing for your customers attention. The trade show booth design you use will play a big part in this process. The stall design is the first thing your customer will see and engage with. Your exhibition equipment may be expertly manufactured, be made from highly specified materials, your exhibition marketing literature might be great and informative. Your products might be highly innovative. However, this is of no use if the overall exhibition design is drab and boring. At Jellybean Creative our exhibition stand designers ensure they keep up with the latest exhibition products and display materials. Our exhibition designers keep up to date with the latest trends in the exhibition and trade show industry. This ensures the exhibition stall design concepts they provide, make your brands and products stand out at the show. Your exhibition stall will get noticed because of the exhibition design that we will help implement and deliver for you. Exhibition Designs that meets your exhibition booth requirements and gives you that WOW factor at the trade show event.

Custom exhibition stand design Kepco NR

Custom exhibition stand design & exhibition stand contractors for Kepco NR London UK

Exhibition Design that is Engaging

Exciting, Fun and Interactive Trade Fair Booths

Exhibition design that is engaging with your customers is also essential at delivering an effective trade fair stall. All of us are excited with things we touch, feel and interact with. If this experience helps you to understand and educate you, helps you enjoy something or excites you – then all of this makes the experience engaging. As exhibition designers we understand that exhibition design needs to be engaging. We live in a totally engaging world, where we share our life’s experience with our social networks, engaging on a personal level with our global community. Trade fairs should be no different. Customer engagement is essential in captivating customers attention and converting this interest into sales. Our exhibition designers can discuss interactive and engaging exhibition trade fair techniques to make your next trade show stand display an exciting, engaging environment.

Exhibition design for Hans BioMed at CCR

Exhibition design for Hans BioMed at CCR Olympia trade show London UK

Exhibition Design that is Adaptable

Various Exhibition Trade Shows and various exhibition floor spaces

Exhibition stalls that are adaptable will ensure you have an exhibition stall that can remain fresh at multiple trade fairs. An Exhibition design that takes this into account will ensure that your trade show booth can be adjusted and adapted for different trade fairs and stand spaces. Booking the same sized exhibition space at various trade shows is very difficult. Trade shows get booked up very quickly, especially if it is successful event that has been running for many years. It might be that you have been offered some last minute exhibition floor space at a great price. The exhibition stand furniture that you have in stock needs to be adaptable. You need an exhibitions company that can work with you, at short notice to provide an exhibition design that works on various floor space footprints, at various trade fair events.

Exhibition Design that is Modular

Exhibition Stands that can be Reconfigured

Maybe you want to purchase a modular exhibition stand. You need an exhibition stall design that can be reconfigured into many different exhibition designs. Our exhibition stall designers can discuss the various modular exhibition stand systems available. Once we have determined your exhibition stand requirements, we can specify an exhibition stall design which will work for you.

Exhibition Design that is economical

Exhibition Stalls Tailored to fit your trade fair requirements

Exhibition stall design has to be economical and affordable. It is no use if the exhibition stand designer creates a stunning stand which is totally unaffordable and breaks your marketing budget. Subject to your available budget our exhibition booth designers will deliver exhibition stall designs that which fulfills your original project design brief. Our exhibition stall designers will balance the final specification to get an exhibition design on budget. Maybe some small exhibition stall features or details will have to be sacrificed – allowing the overall exhibition scheme to be delivered. This way the client gets the high impact exhibition stall design concept originally presented, exhibition designs which are affordable, keeping the trade fair marketing project on budget. Our exhibition stand builders can then deliver the stall design concept into a reality. Large areas of glass like office windows look great – but are very heavy and delicate to install. Maybe a similar look and feel can be achieved using alternative exhibition stand design techniques.