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Custom exhibition design for Aitken Spence exhibiting at World Travel Market London UK

Great Custom exhibition stands design – a key requirement to companies success at trade show events

It may seem like an unnecessary expense to have custom exhibition stands, but the work of the custom exhibition stand designer allows the exhibiting company to stand out at the trade show event with a tailored booth, specific to their specific project requirements. A bespoke exhibition booth which is a ‘one off’ not a mass produced copy – that any company can buy ‘off the shelf’. Therefore when tendering for your next exhibition stand supplier or Exhibitions design agency – it is essential that you employ the services of a creative exhibition stand design agency, who have great experience in designing and delivering custom exhibitions stands of all types and sizes. Before you talk to exhibitions companies about your next project – here are some key considerations to include in any design brief:

Custom exhibition stands – What do you want your exhibitions designer to include?

It is essential to have a focused set of objectives and requirements for the exhibition project. Trade fairs can be expensive events to participate in, therefore from our experience, creating a list of items you want and goals you want to achieve from attending the show – will help maximize your return on investment (ROI). Then look and ask yourself how can this be achieved with the exhibition space you have booked. This marketing analysis can be implemented – even before you book your exhibition stand space at the trade show event. To illustrate, if you want to have live demonstrations of 5 machines running on your booth, a stand space of 4m x 4m may not be a feasible booth size to achieve this objective. As the trade fair will have many companies promoting themselves – competing for the same customers and visitors – it is key to be different and stand out as individual.

Modular exhibition stands, exhibition stand designs MODA

Modular Exhibition stand concept visuals created by our creative exhibition booth designers. UK, Europe & USA


Other questions to ask yourself, in preparing a design brief could include the following:

  • Does your exhibition stand require a customer reception area on the exhibition stand?
  • Does there need to be an area to display product literature?
  • Do you require a raised decking area or platform to conceal electrical or data cables out to other areas of the booth?
  • Do you need a meeting area for serious meetings with VIP clients?
  • How many casual meeting areas do you need on the exhibition stand?
  • What style of hospitality furniture do you require in these areas – bar stools and poseur tables or maybe low level relaxed sofas?
  • Will you need a coffee or refreshments bar on the booth to serve drinks and snacks?
  • Do you require live product demonstrations on the booth – or maybe machines running to illustrate how they operate?
  • If yes to the above point – what are the dimensions and weights of your products – how many products do you want to demo?
  • Will these products require any special services like compressed air or high power electrical supplies?
  • What kind of lighting do you require on the stand?
  • Do you want a warm ambient feel to the booth space – or maybe a very bright and clinical feel to the exhibition stand space?
  • How high do you want your exhibition booth to go upto?
  • Will you be displaying any technical products for example Solar panels – which will require specialist electrical wiring to show them working?
  • Do you want to use any suspended banners or graphic structures?
  • Do you require any storage space on the exhibition booth?
  • Do you require any specialist cleaning of your booth at the end of each day – for example emptying waste bins and glass & window cleaning within the exhibition booth?
  • What is your project budget for the exhibition stand? – is this budget feasible for a custom exhibition stand?

If all of the answers to the above questions are listed down and communicated to the exhibition designer – the designer will be in a much better position to develop an appropriate exhibition design for the custom exhibition stand booth. A design that will fulfill your stall design project requirements.

Custom exhibition stands tips UK

Custom Exhibition Stands – Brainstorm your exhibition requirements so custom exhibition stands designer understands priorities

Engaging Custom exhibition stands

There is lots of visual noise at trade fairs. There are many companies competing for visitors attentions through various promotional methods. The visitor needs to remember your brand and products amongst all of this visual noise at the trade show. Do you want live demonstrations of your products and services at the show? Do you wish to engage with visitors to the show by the use of games, competitions, Virtual Reality headsets? Do you want to have AV on your trade show display stand, if so what type? Touch screen tablet terminals – or maybe Simple wall mounted LCD AV screens. Alternatively you may want complete video walls and all the information graphics to be on audio visual screens, Maybe touch screen AV desks or interactive projector based video floors? Due to the reduction in the AV technology costs – many more options are now available to bring a WOW to the exhibition booth. There are now many ways visitors can be engaged with your custom exhibition stands – to make your trade shows and conferences exciting and interactive. Your exhibition booth needs to be fun and exciting. Custom exhibition stands that achieve this – will be the brands and companies that visitors will remember.

Custom exhibition stands WTM London UK

Custom exhibition stands designed to your exact design requirements. Bespoke stand design WTM Lonndon UK

Custom exhibition stand or modular exhibition stands – the choice is yours

The answer to this question depends on what you want from your exhibition stand and how much you will be exhibiting and how many trade fairs you will be attending . If you attend many trade fair events every year, booking similar stand spaces each time – maybe a modular exhibition stand would be suitable. These types of exhibition stands are normally constructed from simple ‘knock down’ aluminium components. Large format digitally printed graphics are then applied to the aluminium framework as printed fabric or foamex plastic panels. The final cost of the modular exhibition stand will be subject to the type of modular exhibition systems you decide on. How flexible and portable you want the exhibition booth to be will also have an impact on the display stand cost. Sometimes the initial cost can be more expensive than a custom exhibition stand – but over the long term will work out much more economical, due to the speed in booth assembly and dismantling. If you want something tailored and specific, an exhibition stand that is unusual – then a bespoke exhibition stand will be needed. Our custom exhibition stands design team can ensure that bespoke exhibition stands can be manufactured and assembled in modular parts. This allows the customer to get the best from both worlds. It allows the bespoke exhibition stand to be re-configured, varying the specific exhibition display modules to adapt the bespoke exhibition stand equipment into different sized booth spaces. Storage of the exhibition equipment can be supplied, subject to your requirements following the dismantle of the exhibition booth. All exhibition stock will then be ready for the next trade fair event.

Custom exhibition stand & bespoke exhibition design Photography Show NEC Birmingham

Custom exhibition stand & bespoke exhibition design for Vanguard Bags. Photography Show NEC Birmingham

Full service Custom exhibition stand design agency

At Jellybean Creative, our exhibition stand designers will ensure a ‘one stop Solution’ for you. Our creative team will ensure you are in safe hands with your exhibition project. We can work with you to prepare the design brief for your exhibition stand. Our custom exhibition stands design team and project handlers will then digest this information and prepare bespoke exhibition booth design concepts and ideas. These conceptual exhibition designs can be adjusted and adapted to work with your budget constraints. If the project is not feasible at this point – we will tell you. The final exhibition stand concepts are then developed into working drawings, plans and elevational technical drawings. Once signed off and approved by all parties – exhibition stand manufacture and display production can commence. The Event organizers are liaised with and managed by our project managers. Health & Safety forms and stand information is communicated to them via email, to allow for exhibition booth sign off and to allow for the permission to build. Our professional exhibition stand contractors will then make sure the concept designs are realized on-site. Exhibition projects are handled in an organised method, creative exhibition designs delivered on-time and on-budget.

Exhibition booth design UK USA

Exhibition booth design UK USA