Top 7 ideas for Great Exhibition stand Design

Want some great information and tips on how to develop and have a productive yet eye catching Exhibition stand? Well here are our Top 7 tips on making the most of your exhibition stands.

1/ Be different with your Exhibition Stand Design – Think outside the Box

Too many exhibition stands are following the same pattern of being a box with a few products and logos on display. It’s time to think of something different and change the designs up. So if and when you’re working out the design of your stand, change it and make it different. As if you have a different stand to the rest your stand will be the one everyone shall look at and go to.

2/ Listen to what people like and is in fashion

As a company, you want to be able to attract as many people as possible; as the more people attracted to your stand, the more sales you get and can maybe result in people recommend to others creating even more sales. If you want to get the maximum amount of people interested, you need to be in trend. By this what I mean is by following all the latest colours, fashions and most of all what is drawing people into others stands. Once you have figured this out incorporate it into your exhibition stand design.


3/ Offering free wifi can make people go to your stand in particular

When you’re at the stand and people are walking round there is lots of potential buyers around. If you have people interested in your product, they may want to make a purchase there and then. This will mean they will have to have a way to be able to contact different people like their supervisors, bosses or other contacts. They won’t want to mess around logging into the wifi which is supported at the location. They will want to make a quick and easy call or transaction. So if you supply free wifi you will make not only you and you’re staffs jobs easier but their job of buying your product shall be made simpler.


4/ Draw people in with free charging ports

The wifi tip shown above links to this as if people have the ability to charge their phone or tablet up, they’re going to stay on your exhibition stand for however long they want to charge their device up for. In the time they are waiting you can also show them your products and try to make a deal there and then. Even if they don’t purchase an item they may even tag your company in a post or shout you out on whatever social media they have. Opening up free charging stations will also mean you can widened your range of age of people who visit the stand.


5/ Create other business opportunities with touch screen technology

Although lots of exhibition stands use touch screen TVs or tablets, not everyone is using them and touch screens are the way forward as people can willingly put in their details for further leads later on down the line meaning you don’t have to go round bothering everyone asking them to sign up to things, as instead they can easily sign up and maybe even purchase some items. It depends what you program into the screens to provide.


6/ Virtual reality headsets can put you forward against others at competitive exhibition stand shows

Virtual reality (VR) isn’t as common on exhibitions stands as things like touch screen however this doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. This technique is a smart yet fascinating way of showing off your items. Not only this but now you can create a showroom in real life worth millions however all on Virtual Reality goggles meaning it would be inexpensive and cost very very little. Also it’s a fun way of putting across your products and can be whatever you wish it to be.

7/ Be clever with your lighting

All of the points are useful however, having good lighting and ones that suit your stands colours and themes are very handy. The lighting you choose to use is vital as if you have off coloured lighting; it can make your stand look strange and like it almost doesn’t look right. Not only can you use lighting in the main area but instead you can put the lights all around the stand and almost take people on a journey in the small place which your stand is located in.

If you take into account these tips when designing and building your stand, you should have a very successful stand inviting lots of people in and purchasing your products