Get noticed at the tradeshow with a High impact exhibition stand design




A high impact exhibition stand design which is both distinctive and exhibition stand designs that leaves lasting impressions with your trade show visitors – is not a simple process. Your exhibition stand supplier can help you in this process. The project management of an exhibition booth, involves much planning and research. Understanding the event you are planning to attend is key. The amount of exhibitors attending the show and the size of the booth space they have booked – will dictate the level of visual impact you can hope to achieve. If the type of exhibition space you have booked is very small in comparison to other leading industry key players – this may make it difficult to get noticed. Therefore a high impact exhibition stand design is essential. How can you actually achieve this?

I already have a  high impact exhibition stand design – I hear you say. Attending trade or public tradeshows – is a bit like being at a Fruit and Veg market. Just like the vendors are physically shouting out there offers of how many bannans you can buy for some small change, tradeshows are no different. Exhibition vendors are shouting out, maybe not vocally – but visually. The way the exhibition stand design is planned and designed – leads the show visitor to reveal a ‘Wow-factor’. You want to make a lasting impression with the show delegates attending the event. As the saying goes -‘first impressions count’. This is especially true when it comes to grabbing the attention of exhibition traffic. You may have industry leading products, award winning services, the most qualified staff. All of this is to no avail if your ‘shop window’ as it were is lacking – and you do not have a high impact exhibition stand design. All of the exhibition visitors will pass you buy, failing to stop and look and engage with you. At worst they may be passing you buy whilst enroot to your competitors exhibition stand!

So how do you stand out in the crowd of companies in a busy exhibition hall? Here are our top 10 high impact exhibition stand design tips. Putting these into practice will help you grab the event visitors attention for all of the right reasons:

 1/ Have a clear set of project objectives at the beginning of the exhibition project




At the beginning of the project, write down a list of key objectives which you want to achieve. Set yourself clear goals and target these. For example – what is the key message you want to put across with your exhibition stand? What product or service do you want to focus on with the exhibition booth? What do you want to achieve with attendance at the show? Are you wanting to sell product? Increase your database of future client contacts? Maybe launch a new product?

Your exhibition stand supplier may have supplied a great looking exhibition design, but this design concept fails miserably in communicating the correct brand messages and company values. For instance an exhibition stand for Rolls Royce cars might be designed with an urban style, concrete and steel with graffiti imagery to the tradeshow booth. It may be a high impact exhibition stand design and attract visitors attention. However, does it communicate the correct brand values and messages? Always keep your list of objectives clearly in mind, at every stage of the exhibition design process and you will not go wrong.

2/ Maximise all of the available space on the exhibition stand  

The price of renting exhibition space at tradeshows is can be very expensive – especially if the event is popular. Therefore the booth size may be restrictive in size. It is essential to maximise and fully utilise the exhibition floor space you have been allocated. Ensure you have confirmed the exact details and dimensions of the booked exhibition stand space.

It is always essential to ask the correct questions of the event organisers at the start of the project. What is the max available height of exhibition stands in the area you have booked? Are there any pillars or structural elements in your booked booth space? Can the exhibition stand space be viewed from above – from an overhead balcony? This information is very important when briefing in the exhibition stand designer at the design agency.

It is always advisable to consider the customer flow of the exhibition stand. Try to always keep the exhibition display space free from barriers and obstructions. Always try to keep meeting areas to the back of the exhibition stand space. This prevents sales staff and visitors from blocking the view of potential new customers seeing your latest products and key service messages from the isle way.

3/ Maximise the height of your exhibition stand




Exhibition venues and conference halls can have very high ceilings. Check with your event organiser to see if there are any height restrictions at the specific tradeshow for exhibition display booths. If there is not, then maximise the use of this. This is a key way to getting a high impact exhibition stand design.

By the use of suspended signage banners, helium filled branding spheres, suspended truss to mount exhibition display props – attention to your exhibition stand can be emphasised. Truss towers with rotating logos, or towers mounted with moving projector lighting gobos can have great success. This can project your company logos to gangways, ceilings and walls of the venue.

From the moment exhibition delegates and conference attendee’s arrive, catch their eye and attract them to your exhibition stall. You may have a small stand footprint – but maximise the power of this through the height of your exhibition stand.

4/ Less is More – Keep it simple

This is certainly true when it comes to designing exhibition stand graphics and information panels. Make the messages you use concise and to the point. Avoid using lines and lines of text. The brutal truth – nobody will read it and it will just make the exhibition stall look busy and cluttered.

Large format graphic images are an effective method to communicate a message quickly. As they say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. Use of striking images can communicate much more than lines and lines of text. Professionally designed large format printed graphics, coupled with effective lighting will allow these images to be seen from a distance and will prevent them from being ignored and missed. Just like text – the position of these images also needs to be concentrated to the upper half of all walls. This will prevent things being lost amongst peoples legs.

Use a catchy slogan people will remember. Use bullet points of key points of product information, rather than paragraphs of text copy. Use a clear font that is clear to read and use a size that can be easily read from a distance. The location of text is also very important on an exhibition stand. Always try to place text on the top half of the exhibition booth wall space. This prevents important information getting lost in the forest of tradeshow visitors legs at a busy event.

 5/ Exhibition lighting is important

Exhibition stand lighting is very important to the design of an exhibition stand. It is often overlooked and is always a last minute consideration. However this plays a key component in setting the correct ambience and atmosphere of the exhibition stall design. This also conveys a message about your products and services.

For example: If you were displaying dental equipment on a tradeshow booth with low level, warm colour temperature lights. The ambience of the tradeshow stand design would convey a poor message to exhibition visitors. It may make the clients product seem almost unhygienic. Likewise, a client wanting to promote home interiors – wanting a relaxed and hospitable feel to the exhibition booth would need a different lighting specification. The tradeshow booths ambience would be wrecked if very high powered, cool temperature lights were implemented on the exhibition design. Therefore the exhibition stand designers have to consider all areas of the exhibition booth design.

Lights can be surface mounted, recessed into lighting canopies and even set internally to the exhibition walls. This allows graphic panels to be internally illuminated – making for large lightbox wall graphics. This can give a contemporary, bright and crisp feel to any exhibition stand.

Coloured lighting and LED halo light ribbons can also be an effective way to bring attention to key elements of the exhibition design. These lights can change colour to also bring an additional lighting dynamic to the booth and grab exhibition visitors attention. Angled lightbox images on the perimeter of the exhibition stall, can also subconsciously draw visitors onto your stand space.

6/ High impact exhibition stand design with bold use of different materials and textures

Do not be reluctant to experiment with various and contrasting materials on your exhibition stand. This ia great aid in delivering a high impact exhibition stand design. Timber veneered panels, structural polycarbonate, faux grass applied to walls, 3d formed sculptured MDF, stone and brick faced slips – are all types of material that can really add to an exhibition stands distinctive look.

Animal faux furs, leather effect PVC exhibition panel covers, brushed aluminium and steel laminates, chrome trims and mirrored panels – can also be used. Stirling OSB board, pallet wood, corrugated steel sheeting are also alternative materials that can also be considered. Obviously any material that is used in the construction of an exhibition stand has to comply with the health and safety regulations and standards set out by the event organisers guidelines. Experimental materials like the above – give exhibition stands an individual, exclusive custom design style. Giving standard exhibition stand structures look like a bespoke exhibition stands. By Sourcing professional exhibition stand builders –  an image board of various sample materials can be developed. This will allow funky materials to be selected which will help create a high imapact exhibition stand design.

7/ Use technology to give that ‘Wow’ factor

Technology for trade show displays is a very important factor to consider when developing your exhibition stand design. Technology plays a huge part in our lives today. Therefore use of it on an exhibition stand should not be avoided – rather it should be embraced. This will enhance visitor engagement with your products and services at your tradeshow events.

AV – or Audio Visual screens are so economical in price now – these have almost substituted large format printing. AV screens can present so much more, allowing cleaner lines to the rest of the stand. They allow the eye to be focussed in one specific area. AV screens can be made into huge touch screens allowing visitors to engage and discover information that interests them personally.

AV LED digital tiles can be configured to creat large vertical and horizontal digital banners. As these are modular LED tiles, they can be stacked to gether to form any sized AV display area you require. These allow for a truly immersive exhibition experience with animated digital content being played through the screens. Moving digital content attacts the visitors eye and attracts there attention.

LED totem displays can be used on an exhibition stand, linked to customer engagement touch screen points. By this you capture your conference visitors specific areas of interest and deliver digital images which will interest them. Therefore the digital content that is delivered to your exhibition visitor is a truly bespoke exhibition display experience.

LED floor tiles can be used on your exhibition stand to even turn the floor – into an advertising oppourtunity. Advertising space is limited on an exhibition space. Therefore why not use the floor of the tradeshow booth to engage with exhibition delegates. Digital content can be delivered through the use of Modular LED floor tiles. These have a reinforced laminated surface allowing the digital floor to be walked over – definately a ‘WoW’ factor to any exhibition stand.

AR – otherwise known as Augmented Reality allows customers to see themselves in the picture. It brings a virtual reality to the scene that they are looking at. This can be an effective way to help visitors to your stand to engage and interact with your products and services more effectively.

VRVirtual Reality is now here and affordable to use in a tradeshow environment. Virtual Reality headsets can allow visitors, once again to engage and interact more effectively with your products and services. For example, exhibition delegates can be transported into actual resort locations or hotel interiors – for clients who are promoting tourism and leisure services.

From the location of the exhibition hall – a whole new world and environment can be found at the click of a button. This can be fun and exciting and will set you apart from your competitors. This can also be great for clients with big and bulky products that find it impossible or very expensive to transport product to the show. With VR headsets – you can transport the visitor to the product in a virtual world.

People no longer want to be spectators, they want to participate and engage. Interactive multimedia as described above will soon become standard fair on most exhibition stands

8/ Create an atmosphere on the exhibition stand 

Appeal to all of the sensory receptors – using things to excite your visitor. Sight, sound, smell, touch and taste are all of the senses that should be targeted. By stimulating as many of your visitors senses – you will engage with them more effectively and they will have a lasting memory of you and your brands – over your competitors. Serving great smelling coffee is always a favourite to engage with your visitor. Source a great exhibition stand builder and they can put together an image board of various

9/ Identify and Focus on your audience

Through your initial research at the start of the project – Identify your target audience and always keep these in focus when going the through the design process. If you have decided who it is you want to communicate with, it is then much easier to decide on the best methods of how to communicate with them. If you fail to identify your audience, the messages you convey will be confusing and the results all mixed. At the end of the show – you may then find that you have attracted the wrong type of visitor onto your stand, making attendance at the event a waste of money and time. Make your blows count and do not be punching the air.

10/ Ensure all staff are correctly briefed

At all of the various stages of an exhibition project you will have to brief in members of the project team. This may start with booking the correct stand space effectively, getting the best location at the tradeshow conference and ‘Bang for your Buck’. The same is true of all of the other project team members. You will have to brief in the exhibition designer, maybe the graphic designer. You will have to organise event staff to manage the exhibition stand on a daily basis. The sales team will need to know what targets are being pushed and promoted. All of these various exhibition team members of the overall project – will either contribute a positive or negative effect to the eventual project success. It is therefore a key thing to ensure you have a firm grip on all of the project requirements. Communicating the correct information clearly to each member – will ensure each exhibition project team member is clear about their objectives and project requirements. If everybody is working towards the same end – the project will be a success.

By considering each of these tips you should be on track to creating a high impact exhibition stand design. A successful trade show is your next stop. Contact Jellybean Creative if you would like to discuss either your next bespoke exhibition stand design or modular exhibition stand design. Our team of expert exhibition stand designers and exhibition stand contractorswill be happy to product support and professional advice. As professional exhibition stand manufacturers – we will be able to advise you in the best ways to promote your business at tradeshow events.






10 Top Exhibition Stand Design Tips
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10 Top Exhibition Stand Design Tips
How do you stand out in the crowd of companies in a busy exhibition hall? Here are our top 10 high impact exhibition stand design tips. Putting these into practice will help you grab the event visitors attention for all of the right reasons
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