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Heritage Projects

Museums & Heritage – Design and Build of Exhibitions & Galleries

Museum & Galleries Design

Museums and galleries are interior and exterior places where information and objects are displayed and enjoyed by members of the public. The audience is therefore highly diverse from school children through to the elderly, from enthusiasts to experts. So when planning and designing schemes for museums and heritage projects – care needs to be taken to involve all facets of the audience and fire their imagination by presenting the information in new and imaginative ways. Contact museum gallery designers for museum interactive displays, museum displays, museum exhibition design.

A well designed interpretive gallery space can educate, inspire and bring history to life. Through a variety of display techniques from dioramas, interactive displays, 3d models, themed sets, interpretive graphic panels, smells, atmospheric lighting – through to interactive multimedia – the audience can submerge themselves in historic collections and learn from the past.

How Can Jellybean Creative Heritage Help?

At Jellybean Creative Heritage we can help you at all points of your Museums exhibitions project. From the initial feasibility pitch for funding , through design development, display build, installation and maintenance. Our designers and project managers will ensure creativity and a professional service. Our manufacturing and installation teams will ensure a quality result, all within budget and delivered on time. 

What kind of projects we get involved with:

·         Museum galleries

·         Interpretation displays

·         Interpretive exhibitions

·         Gallery Showcasing

·         Dioramas, mannequins and scenes

·         3D models and scale model making

·         Art galleries and temporary exhibitions

·         Interactive displays

·         Interactive multimedia programs

·         Themed display areas

·         Information kiosks

·         Museum gift shops and retail areas

·         Interpretive and information graphic panels

·         External and internal information signage

·         Sound tubes and listening posts

·         Museum reception areas

·         Tourist Information Centres ( TIC’s )

·         Visitor Centres

·         Council Museums

·         Heritage Lottery Funded projects ( HLF )

·         Matched funded tenders



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